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  The Salmon River Fire: 30 Years An Idaho Firefighter  
  ~ John Sangster  

Man and fire: a relationship that some scientists claim to have been around for over 300,000 years.  Fire can be a good thing, providing heat, light, propulsion, rejuvenation.  But fire can be a bad thing, destroying what man has built, and worse, destroying lives.  Here in the United States, 1.1 million people fight the bad side of fire.  Of these, more than 800,000 are volunteers.  The Salmon River Fire: 30 Years An Idaho Firefighter is about one of these volunteers, his many years of fire experiences, some comical, some tragic.

Follow along while a young man joins the Hot Shots, an elite team of wildland firefighters, trained to fight the fire along its worst extremities.  After six years of various firefighting duties, the tempo switches to volunteerism, which entails a bunch more training and a different commitment to life.  Experience over 30 years of answering the fire alarm, for fires in vehicles, structures, and wildlands, and for hazardous materials and medical assist.

226 pages, illustrated.


Available from Amazon, in both print and Kindle versions.  Print is $16.95, while the Kindle version is $9.25.
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By Virginia Williams on October 22, 2013

Format: Kindle Edition
Have you ever wanted vicariously to ride on that big red engine out to a fire and see from the front line what fighting a fire is really all about? Romantic? No. Adrenalin pumping, dirty, hard back-breaking and dangerous action? Yes. Ride along with John as he prepares to "go to war with fire". John describes his entry into fire-fighting with a wry sense of humor and cynical vignettes borne of 30 years of firefighting. There is a brotherhood, a camaraderie, between persons of a common dangerous sport or vocation that can produce the hard-core cover-your-back attitude instilled in its participants. These situations create experiences and history like no other and leave a legacy that builds stories that are shared and handed down for the generations. Live them vicariously, yes, but most won't there. This is a life like no other and takes a dedication and sensibility that few could sustain from the radical highs of saving life and limb, be it animal or human, to the lows of failing. We thank heaven every day for these heroes and deservedly so. Share some chills with John as he describes another fire--it's amazing how often and how quickly they happen.


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